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Semi Finals quick Match Report written by Inane, 2010-04-02 17:40 CEST (18 comments)

ORDER vs L!N [gamestv.org]

In what most would have expected to be the Grand Finals match up, Tournament favourites face off against strong contenders ORDER-Gaming.

This game starts off very even and everyone is expecting a close game all around as the teams exchange rounds for a short while until L!N shifts gears and pulls away leaving ORDER far behind.

In what starts to feel like deja-vu, ORDER makes one final push at 10:15 and wins 2 rounds in a row.
The crowd expects a clutch tie but L!N shatters everyone's hopes and wins this series by 2 to 0 in maps.

ORDER put up a good fight but L!N proved to be the better team tonight and take the first slot for the Grand Finale to be played some time in the coming weeks.
Only Team Unknown and Quad at Home are left to fight it out over whom gets the last slot and face off against the dreaded Lost !n Nirvana.

Quad at Home vs Team Unknown [gamestv.org]

qah holds their ground on defence but Team Unknown prove they know how to defend Shepas slightly better.

qah picks Reactors_2 and for a good reason too. They make beating Team Unknown look easy and force the match-up into a third and final map.
At this point no one could have guessed the outcome with certainty.

Due to some time issues (and parental lock maybe?? lolol.), qah only has 4 members left and Team Unknown offers to drop one of their players to make it a 4vs4.
Both teams exchange rounds like some kind of Final Fantasy turn-based battle which makes for a real nail-biter on WarsowTV.
qah leads 15:14 when suddenly Team Unknown ties it up and even steamrolls the 31st round by not losing a single member taking home the win and a place in the Grand Finale!

Special mention goes to WoOdY for pulling off some crazy stuff on the offensive side at Alley.

And after all these weeks we finally have our champions facing off against one another in the Grand Finale [gamestv.org].

Will Team Unknown upset the tournament yet again and defeat tournament favourites Lost !n Nirvana? Or is their underdog spirit not enough?
Many argue that this 'Collection of Duel superstars' is not enough to beat a clan who has played together for so long but then again, Team Unknown is in the Grand Finals and the naysayers have been proven wrong for so many games that these kinds of statements have gotten trivial.

All I can say on this matter is that Team Unknown will fight Lost !n Nirvana because both teams have proven to be the strongest teams in the Warsow Bomb Longcup and a LOT of people cannot wait to see these teams battle it out.

GL & HF.

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Grand Finals date will be announced well in advance so stock up on your popcorn!

First semifinal game! written by Overactive, 2010-03-29 22:27 CEST (21 comments)

It's time for semifinals people!


Don't forget to tune in tomorrow 20:30 cest!

Week 5 games written by Overactive, 2010-03-23 14:45 CET (25 comments)

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